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SD-WAN Summit 2020

22nd - 24th September 2020 | Hotel Pullman, Paris

SD-WAN is going everywhere. SD-WAN will run in the cloud, SD-WAN will run on IoT endpoints, and SD-WAN will encompass corporate end users on their laptops and mobile devices. In other words, SD-WAN supplants VPNs and becomes the dominant form of secure connectivity. SD-WAN goes from replacing MPLS VPNs with encrypted OTT connections to replacing mobile and laptop VPN clients with SD-WAN clients leveraging the same VPN technologies. The SD-WAN Summit will once again demonstrate how this technology is expanding its scope in new multiple domains. As each year, the programme will benefit from many operators and enterprises testimonies. They will address their development focal points and the future evolution of their services. Renowned experts will underline the maturity challenge of SD-WAN and what are the pain points.


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