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Published: 2018-02-28

Please note that Telecom Strategies and Trends (TS&T)
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Brazilian pay TV market cools down as SVoD heats up the competition

Published: 2017-12-22

In the short run we expect that the Brazilian pay TV market will continue to decline along with the contraction in the economy. Indeed video OTT in the form of SVoD will remain a compelling alternative for price-sensitive customers. But we also expect thus that the overall pay TV market will become more dynamic and competitive with new SVoD entrants. As in the Western European market, we may see s...

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uCPE and VNFs within SD-WAN

Published: 2017-12-18

A uCPE and VNFs approach and ecosystem is now seen as a key part of most SD-WAN offers. Although many aspects are still complex and in development, we can expect many new offers and innovations during 2018 and 2019.

Carriers are very unlikely in the medium term to use enterprises' own x86 servers, and indeed their focus is on using SD-WAN vendors' own boxes, or else grey boxes of key internatio...

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SD-WAN and impact on managed services

Published: 2017-12-08

Even with SD-WAN, fully managed services, including local access, uCPE and the management of most features, are likely to stay the most important option at least over the next years, and most certainly in EMEA. On the other hand, US companies are typically much more open towards self-management on portals as well as managed uCPE, and basically DIY SD-WAN in general, although even in the US fully m...

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Fixed broadband in BRICS: Brazil and India calibrate their national broadband targets

Published: 2017-12-01

InfoCom expects fixed broadband subscriptions in BRICS to sustain its growth momentum in the next few years, mainly propelled by the active network deployments especially fibre optics. We expect South Africa and India to lead in terms of growth in this segment, mainly because their subscriptions are coming from a relatively low base compared with the other markets. However, in terms of fibre netwo...

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