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Published: 2018-02-28

Please note that Telecom Strategies and Trends (TS&T)
will no longer be available for renewal.

Internet access in Germany: increasingly competitive market situation for high bandwidths

Published: 2017-09-08

Considering the expanding fibre and DIA infrastructure and some of the providers’ aggressive marketing strategies as well as the fact that cable network providers offer increasingly high bandwidth solutions for comparatively low prices, we expect the price pressure to remain intense for Internet access products in the future. Furthermore, there will be a trend towards increasingly high bandw...

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NB-IoT commitments in Germany

Published: 2017-09-06

An overview on the current situation of NB-IoT in Germany is provided.

All three mobile carriers have opted for NB-IoT so far. The article summarises their strategies and recent approaches.

As first actor, Deutsche Telekom has recently launched a starter pack to enable the test of possible applications for interested business customers. The remaining carriers are still on the level of launching...

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Original content is king? - Pay TV players explore opportunity in originally produced content

Published: 2017-09-06

The article discusses the traditional pay TV players’ (CaTV, IPTV and satellite TV) original content production strategies. The article tackles the drivers and motivations of traditional pay TV players to venture into original content creation, the trends observed and how pay TV players realise production of own content. For the purpose of this article, original content production means that...

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