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Published: 2018-02-28

Please note that Telecom Strategies and Trends (TS&T)
will no longer be available for renewal.

Fixed Wireless Access as broadband alternative: few clearly dedicated offers and little success

Published: 2014-12-17

The aim of this TS&T article is to analyse whether FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) offers have been successful as a way of providing broadband access in, usually rural, regions deprived of traditional fixed technologies such as xDSL (including VDSL), cable modem (including DOCSIS 3.0) and fibre-based connections (FTTx, i.e. FTTC/FTTdp, FTTB/H).

For this purpose this article covers 11 European c...

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Mobile protection and security services as revenue source for mobile operators

Published: 2014-12-09

This article discusses mobile protection and security offers as value-added services for consumers, as they are offered by mobile operators in the UK and the US. While there are surely interesting examples and business models from other countries, this article focuses only on offers in the UK and the US to give a snapshot of the variety of offers available in two of the markets characterised by hi...

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