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Published: 2018-02-28

Please note that Telecom Strategies and Trends (TS&T)
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Fixed voice traffic in Western Europe: some growth on the horizon?

Published: 2014-05-20

The majority of Western European countries demonstrated constant erosion of total fixed voice traffic within the past five years, as customers migrate to other communication platforms such as mobile and Internet. Moreover, the rise in VoIP usage in some countries, such as France, has not been enough to offset completely the decline. However, some countries in the region exhibited a slowdown in fix...

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Cloud IM offers: strong arguments, but security fears remain

Published: 2014-05-13

Identity Management (IM) is a sub-segment under Identity and Access Management (IAM), which also includes Single Sign On (SSO) and authentication services-topics covered in a previous article. As with SSO, Identity Management is also increasingly being offered as a cloud service although there are currently fewer cloud IM than cloud SSO players, primarily due to security concerns over the perceive...

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Colombia: broadband adoption accelerates fuelled by government initiatives

Published: 2014-05-13

The article aims to provide an overview of Colombia’s telecom market and the key factors that are shaping the development of this sector. The article briefly discusses Colombia’s social and economic situation, and then the background and current development of the telecoms market in relation to government initiatives.

The Colombian government’s active ICT initiatives and devel...

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SIP trunking: certain to replace ISDN, but only slowly

Published: 2014-05-06

This article analyses some of the main technical architectures, features and SLAs of a selection of SIP trunking providers active in Western Europe, including both large international providers targeting mainly large enterprises (around 11 such providers) as well as local providers targeting mainly SMBs (a further 15 providers). The article ends with an analysis of the main drivers and obstacles f...

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