TS&T Advisory

Published: 2018-02-28

Please note that Telecom Strategies and Trends (TS&T)
will no longer be available for renewal.

Trends in cloud SSO (Single Sign On) offers: reducing IT costs and password headaches?

Published: 2014-04-30

SSO is a solution that allows a user to access different applications using a single credential (i.e. username and password), instead of having to key in different credentials for different applications. The service has become more relevant for business customers in the past couple of years in the first place due to the take up of, and even migration to, enterprise cloud applications. Secondly, no...

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Vietnam's mobile market: ready to open doors for new growth possibilities?

Published: 2014-04-22

Vietnam's status as one of the key emerging Asian economies hinges on its consistently higher GDP growth rates than some other developing markets – triggered mainly by the country's inclusion in the World Trade Organisation in 2007 and the government's continuous adoption of reforms, otherwise known as the Doi Moi policies, towards creating a socialist-oriented market economy. One of the ind...

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