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Published: 2018-02-28

Please note that Telecom Strategies and Trends (TS&T)
will no longer be available for renewal.

Top-10 fixed broadband countries in 2Q13: fibre gaining at the expense of DSL and cable

Published: 2013-12-18

Primarily based on InfoCom’s quarterly fixed broadband monitoring service covering over 40 countries worldwide, this article examines the development of fixed broadband technologies concentrating on the top-10 countries in terms of total connections. The article highlights how DSL will still be the dominant fixed broadband technology in the majority of countries yet its share will continuou...

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The Lao mobile market: competition amidst active government participation

Published: 2013-12-18

Laos, officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic, is a country in Southeast Asia, landlocked by five other countries – China and Myanmar in the North, Thailand in the West, Cambodia in the South and Vietnam in the eastern side. The country’s economy mainly relies on agriculture which represents more than half of its gross domestic product and employs more than 80% of its total lab...

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Mobile voice traffic in Eastern Europe: growth driven by price regulation and competition

Published: 2013-12-12

Despite challenging economic conditions in light of weakening GDP growth – largely as a result of declining exports such as in the Czech Republic or domestic issues like droughts in Romania and Hungary, mobile voice traffic in Eastern Europe grew by an average of about 5% from 2011 to 2012, compared to 3% in Western Europe over the same period. On a country level, Estonia and Bulgaria showe...

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Data centre services: strategies and trends

Published: 2013-12-06

According to a recent InfoCom study, data centre services are set to grow strongly over the coming years. Nowadays, huge amounts of application data have to be transported and supported, begging the question of how they should be managed and protected and where they should be placed.

In the data centre market, there are predominantly four kinds of players involved: business customers with their...

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