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Published: 2018-02-28

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Fixed multiple-play offers in Eastern Europe: despite growth standalone offers still dominate

Published: 2011-04-26


Multiple-play offers in Eastern Europe (excluding Commonwealth of Independent States countries such as Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) have expanded during the last two years as an increasing number of incumbents and alternative operators have developed bundled services to attract customers and reduce churn.

Market situation

The TV strategy


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China: driven by mobile services and broadband connections

Published: 2011-04-08

For a country representing 33% of the Asian population (including the Middle East) and nearly one fourth of Asia in terms of telecom service revenues in 2009, China serves as a barometer for the emerging telecom market in Asia. The country is also observed for its gradual reforms that aim to foster economic growth but also in limited incremental steps to open itself to more foreign investments.


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Fixed expected to stay ahead of mobile broadband in Europe

Published: 2011-04-06


Subscriptions to both fixed and mobile broadband services in the region are expected to continue increasing in the future. Though the rate of growth for fixed broadband will become much slower than mobile broadband over time, it is still expected that mobile broadband will not overtake fixed broadband anytime soon since it has still advantages as regards speeds and price. Mobile broadband...

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