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Published: 2018-02-28

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On-going digitisation of the content industry: opportunities and challenges

Published: 2010-01-20

This article focuses on the digitisation of the content delivery methods, i.e. content distributed online or on mobile devices, opposed to the traditional physical distribution channels. The content industry is indeed undergoing a major evolution thanks to the on-going digitisation of formats and distribution models. The digital (r)evolution has led to new services, consumption modes, business mod...

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Bundling strategies marketed to create value for customers in Spain and Sweden

Published: 2010-01-12

This article aims to highlight the differences for the broadband market and multiple play services between Spain and Sweden. While these two countries show high broadband penetration, they differ in terms of the take up of multiple play offers. Sweden, which is one of the market leaders for very high speed broadband services in Western Europe, is still primarily a market for standalone broadband o...

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Mobile software management: A growing trend providing valuable additional benefits to manufacturers and mobile operators

Published: 2010-01-12

Traditionally, innovation in mobile phones has mostly focused on the development and sales of new phone models. A new model lifetime typically lasted around two years, which also corresponds to the length of typical mobile postpaid contracts. Yet, Apple's smartphone iPhone and application store App Store have shown that the same phone model can also profit from new applications and features as wel...

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IPTV strategies: developing premium content and new features

Published: 2010-01-12

This article, is based on InfoCom's recent study on IPTV, which provides a global overview of IPTV developments in all relevant countries, from highly developed to emerging markets where IPTV services are only about to be introduced. In each country, we examine the content and pricing of IPTV offers and put them in relation to the competitive environment, i.e. against alternative pay-TV market off...

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Mobile Western Europe: slow but steady trend towards postpaid

Published: 2010-01-12

This article looks into the structure of the mobile market, in particular the share of prepaid versus postpaid subscribers in a selection of countries in Western Europe, that is, in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK.

Total and postpaid penetration

Fig. 1 shows the 7 countries observed ranked by increasing total population penetration. We can see from ...

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