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Published: 2018-02-28

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China: the mobile sector's sleeping giant awakens

Published: 2009-04-22

Mobile telephony services were first introduced in China in 1987 but the high cost of services and mobile handsets made it into a luxury where only the elite could afford the service. Over two decades later, China (excluding Hong Kong in the following text and charts) is the world's largest mobile market with more than 624 million subscribers at 3Q08. This article delves into the evolution of the ...

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Top-10 IPTV in 2008: strong growth all-round

Published: 2009-04-22

Top-10 IPTV providers: trends between 2007 and 2008

At end-2008, MII China, comprising of China Telecom and China Netcom, continue to lead the top-10 IPTV list a position it has been holding since 3Q08. MII China started out fifth on the list in 2007, until it achieved the number two spot in 1H08. Both its subsidiaries, in aggregate, amassed more than 2.6m IPTV customers in 2008 posting a 263% y...

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Mobile music downloads - Still need some fine tunig

Published: 2009-04-22

Mobile music downloads refer to the possibility to buy, download and playback full-length original music tracks on mobile phones, as opposed for instance to ringtones or audio streaming. Recently, some mobile operators, service providers and even phone manufacturers have launched new types of mobile music services, enabling users to move from the simple content consumption towards a richer music e...

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Contact centre markets in EEMEA: strong growth driven by offshoring

Published: 2009-04-22

This article presents an overview of the contact centre markets in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EEMEA). We look first at the overall size of these markets and recent growth trends. We then analyse more closely the market shares of the main contact centre vendors in some key countries in Eastern Europe (Russia, Poland, Czech Republic und Hungary), the Middle East (Turkey) and Africa ...

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