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FWaaS: positioned mainly as an onsite firewall replacement, SD-WAN an opportunity or a threat

Published: 2017-11-21

Overall, SD-WAN is still an emerging approach that keeps on evolving. Telecom carriers are only starting to launch their own commercial offers in this space and adoption among enterprises is still low. As part of their initiatives, carriers can consider integrating Zscaler, or other cloud FWaaS providers, in their own SD-WAN service deployments, especially to provide low-cost basic security for smaller remote sites. But in the meantime several SD-WAN vendors do include basic security features that compete against Zscaler. Furthermore, SD-WAN vendors and service providers are also working with traditional security vendors, that are fast developing a VNF portfolio, and that may therefore in the future compete more head-on with Zscaler. So only future will tell whether SD-WAN and VNFs have been an opportunity for Zscaler or not.

Published: 2017-11-21

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