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Cloud LAN and WLAN solutions as next generation network management for large enterprise customers

Published: 2017-08-07

Starting 2016, global managed service providers like BT Global Services, Computacenter, Dimension Data and the likes have started to offer standard managed network services based on cloud LAN and WLAN for large enterprise or multi-national customers. Most offers are based on Cisco Meraki, Aruba or Aerohive and apart from centralising the network management on a cloud-based dashboard, the whole managed service solution costs significantly lower than classic LAN and WLAN deployments due to lower one-time provisioning and infrastructure (equipment and licenses) costs. However, while the managed services based on this cloud solution seem more attractive and is more competitively priced, there are still some challenges ahead that would slow down the adoption among large enterprises, some of which would be the cost of migration to the cloud and also potential latency issues arising from heterogenous networks for companies with branch sites in different countries. This article presents evaluations of different vendor options for cloud LAN and WLAN as well as typical and best-in-class global managed service offers based on this solution for the large enterprise market.

Published: 2017-08-07

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