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Mobile broadband in the EU: overall growth winding down?

Published: 2017-07-14

InfoCom believes that mobile broadband in general will continue to grow albeit more slowly in the next two to three years as we believe that the growth factors will outweigh the deterrent factors identified. In particular, the increasing LTE network coverage and commercialisation of fixed-mobile bonding (i.e. DSL-LTE bonding) services could potentially stabilise or even propel mobile broadband growth in some markets where DSL subscriptions are still relatively high. However, we see this fixed-mobile bonding service as a short-term or complementary solution especially for markets that are in the process of expanding their fibre networks. In the long term, we see lower growth or even a somewhat decreasing trend for mobile broadband subscriptions especially in light of the increasing public- and operator-initiated WiFi services. For instance, the EU-led WiFi4EU initiative announced in September 2016 is expected to further curtail mobile broadband growth in the next few years.

Published: 2017-07-14

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