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Top-10 VoIP markets: growth opportunities in IP migration and enterprise market

Published: 2017-02-20

Advanced markets continue to dominate the list led by the US (top-1 with about 60.9m VoIP subscribers), Japan (top-2) and France (top-3) – occupying eight (Germany at 5th , South Korea at 6th, the Netherlands at 8th, the UK at 9th and lastly Canada at 10th with 4.7m VoIP subscribers) of the ten spots. The only emerging markets that managed to gain a spot and remain on the list are Brazil (top-7 with 8.9m VoIP subscriptions) and China (top-4 with 19.2m VoIP customers) thanks, in part, to their sheer market size. Advanced markets’ VoIP take-up are buoyed by bundling (e.g. France), broadband expansion/upgrades (e.g. the UK) and IP migration as well as MSAN( multi-service access node) deployment (e.g. Germany), albeit still experiencing a slow down. We expect that OTT applications and related mobile services (e.g VoLTE) as inhibitors in further VoIP adoption with the consumer market particularly exposed especially in markets where fixed-to-mobile substitution is reported and observed causing a slowdown in VoIP take-up or indeed no growth at all, for instance in Canada and South Korea.

Published: 2017-02-20

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