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Media market in Germany: trend to IP and increasing bandwidth

Published: 2017-02-06

In general, two main trends are evident in the media market: the first is IP/Ethernet and the second increasing bandwidth. The trend towards IP is already happening with SDI and ASI via IP in media transmissions. The trend towards IPTV or web TV and Internet streaming offers will further boost the general trend towards IP transmissions. For its part, the increase in bandwidth requirement results out of various reasons. On the one hand, TV/video is increasingly being produced and received in HD quality. Another reason is the general desire for more program diversity and the increasing use of online media centres. Finally, a general increase in bandwidth is also noticeable due to the increasing use of smartphones, mobile data, and in relation user-generated content (UGC) etc. The continuous compression advances cannot compensate for this rising demand. Overall, the combination of these trends from IP/Ethernet and higher bandwidths leads to price pressure and reductions.

Published: 2017-02-06

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