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¡Más rápido por favor!: Spain leads in high-speed broadband among the EU5 markets

Published: 2016-07-19

This article serves as an update to the article released by InfoCom in January 2015 regarding high-speed broadband in the EU5 markets, i.e. France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. This time we focus on key changes and developments we detected in this segment between 2014 up to June 2016. We first present the evolution of high-speed broadband in the mentioned countries, highlighting how Spain took the driver’s seat in terms of broadband penetration. We then tackle some major deployment initiatives during the period, including the recent adoption of Italy’s ultra-broadband scheme. Afterwards, we highlight specific examples of operators commercialising faster bandwidths alongside their network expansion before finally providing an outlook for the next few years.

Published: 2016-07-19

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