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VoIP in time of legacy network switch-off: developments and trends in selected EU incumbents

Published: 2016-02-26

This article presents the developments in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) adoption of selected incumbent operators in Europe between 2010 and 2015. In particular, we discuss the VoIP approaches selected operators adopted while implementing legacy network switch-off. We first discuss a short overview of VoIP subscription development in the region including some incumbents’ targets as regards their migration to Next Generation Network (NGN) and in particular IP-based networks. We then define the three approaches to realising VoIP namely Voice over Broadband (VoBB) – either with or without a gateway – and Multi-Service Access Node (MSAN) and identify some operators implementing either some or all of these approaches. We also outline the benefits and challenges the operators typically face in implementing the identified VoIP approaches and finally provide an outlook for the segment in the next few years.

Published: 2016-02-26

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