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Mergers and acquisitions shake up the top subscription-based TV groups in 2015

Published: 2016-02-04

The article tackles the top-10 subscription-based TV groups worldwide based on their group subscriber bases. We first list down the top-10 groups, identifying the current strategies of each group that supported their present top positions. This article also tackles the subscriber development of selected major subsidiaries of each group. Then we discuss the SVoD strategy of selected subscription-based TV groups aiming to offset the declining subscriber bases from their traditional pay TV business. Finally, the article discusses the future trends in subscription-based TV and how these will affect the top-10 list.

Note: The subscriber data includes aggregated customers from the groups’ companies including major (>50% ownership) and minor (<50% ownership) subsidiaries. However, subscribers from major subsidiaries are fully attributed to the group while subscribers from minor subsidiaries are added proportionately to the participation or ownership interest of the group. For simplicity, “subscription-based” TV is at times called pay TV in this article.

Published: 2016-02-04

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