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Mobile business customers: a case study on the Philippines

Published: 2015-04-22

This article is an excerpt from an on-going global research study of InfoCom on the mobile landscape for business customers worldwide. This study included an evaluation of the existing offers, service levels and after-sales support provided by mobile operators to business customers and discussions with business panels on their usage, preferences and overall customer experience.

For these purposes, we define business customers as companies that have corporate managed accounts with mobile service providers and not individual or personal mobile subscriptions of employees even if they are also used for business. Mobile services include subscriptions to basic services such as calls and SMS/MMS or else mobile data subscriptions that include Internet access (unlimited or capped data volume) beside calls and SMS/MMS. We also include dedicated mobile data services (also called mobile broadband services) using USB modems, pocket WiFi routers, tablet PCs or desktop routers.

Published: 2015-04-22

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