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Mobile protection and security services as revenue source for mobile operators

Published: 2014-12-09

This article discusses mobile protection and security offers as value-added services for consumers, as they are offered by mobile operators in the UK and the US. While there are surely interesting examples and business models from other countries, this article focuses only on offers in the UK and the US to give a snapshot of the variety of offers available in two of the markets characterised by high penetration, postpaid dominance and a smartphone-driven consumer base.

This article is part of an ongoing study on innovative mobile services. The aim of this snapshot is to explore how mobile protection and security services are offered and marketed, as well as its current limitations in the UK and the US and the revenue generating potentials for mobile operators in similar markets. The focus is on offers for mobile phones (i.e. basic phones, feature phones and smartphones) and not on offers for tablets and other mobile broadband devices (e.g. USB modems and portable / desktop routers).

Published: 2014-12-09

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