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Top-10 VoIP markets in 2013: overall growth tapering off

Published: 2014-06-24

Total VoIP subscriptions of the top-10 countries reached more than 160m at end-2013, representing a double-digit growth rate of around 13% from a year ago. The top-10 countries' VoIP subscribers represent nearly 89% of the total of the 39 countries monitored.

While advanced markets dominate the ranking, occupying eight of the ten spots, emerging markets Brazil and China posted some of the highest growth rates, as their broadband and VoIP subscriber segments came from a relatively low base compared to other markets in the group.

InfoCom expects that VoIP in the top-10 markets will continue to grow albeit at a much slower pace in the next five years (on average of about 10% per year or less), especially in advanced markets with saturating broadband levels and relatively high VoIP penetration such as the Netherlands, France, South Korea and Japan. Emerging markets Brazil and China are still expected to post higher growth rates (between 20% to 30% per year), as their comparatively low broadband household penetration can provide more room for expansion, although we expect Brazil's growth to diminish slightly in the next years due to aggressive expansion plans of OTT service providers such as Vonage which launched its consumer VoIP service in Brazil in April 2014.

Published: 2014-06-24

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