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Colombia: broadband adoption accelerates fuelled by government initiatives

Published: 2014-05-13

The article aims to provide an overview of Colombia’s telecom market and the key factors that are shaping the development of this sector. The article briefly discusses Colombia’s social and economic situation, and then the background and current development of the telecoms market in relation to government initiatives.

The Colombian government’s active ICT initiatives and developments have accelerated the country’s telecom sector and have encouraged existing players to diversify their offers. For instance, DirecTV, a satellite TV provider, has announced the launch of LTE services in 2H14. DirecTV is planning to offer modem-based LTE services (after winning an LTE license in 2013) as an alternative to fixed broadband technologies. ETB, also offering satellite services, has launched IPTV in March 2014 to complement its new fibre optic offers launched late last year. The company’s fibre optic service also paved the way to launch triple play services in Bogota, also last March 2014.

Colombia is truly poised for more telecoms expansion as it is currently improving its network infrastructure. The broadband development is expected to be the watershed in digitising the society and launching advanced value-added services such as e-health and m-payment in the future.

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Published: 2014-05-13

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