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Trends in security offers for SME broadband access

Published: 2014-02-11

The topic of security has become a fodder for conversation lately, especially among telecom operators and business customers in mature markets. This is largely due to major security breaches experienced by companies lately and the ongoing issue on how the US government has tapped into the communication records of individuals and companies not only in the US, but also in Europe and the Middle East, among others. In recent examples, Germany is reacting to the news that it has become one of the key surveillance targets of the US, where the latter is monitoring phone calls and Internet usage of German residents. In Saudi Arabia, a string of cyber-attack in 2012 involving the internal network of the largest state-owned oil company in the country and the websites of some government agencies has prompted the operator and the government to build up their security capabilities to protect the networks and data of their business and government customers

Published: 2014-02-11

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