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Top-10 fixed broadband countries in 2Q13: fibre gaining at the expense of DSL and cable

Published: 2013-12-18

Primarily based on InfoCom’s quarterly fixed broadband monitoring service covering over 40 countries worldwide, this article examines the development of fixed broadband technologies concentrating on the top-10 countries in terms of total connections. The article highlights how DSL will still be the dominant fixed broadband technology in the majority of countries yet its share will continuously decline, most especially in advanced countries that are aggressively shifting to faster broadband platforms.

China, for example, is expected to pose a double-digit percentage decline on its DSL market in favour of fibre expansion – a result of its government initiative to actively push through fibre roll-outs nationwide. On the other hand, the weakening market of DSL particularly in France, Germany and the UK can possibly be slowed down by further expansions on VDSL infrastructures and vectoring technology.

Fibre expansions are expected to continue in the following years for almost every top-10 country, as a solution to the escalating demand on high speed and stable Internet. Due to its high costs of deployment and network upgrades, operators are anticipated to continue their search for alternative FTTx solutions, especially in countries with larger markets.

Published: 2013-12-18

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