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Strategies and trends in managed LAN and WLAN services

Published: 2013-10-17

The market for managed LAN and WLAN services is driven by the increasing globalisation of businesses on one hand and by the modernisation of business communications on the other. Companies from advanced markets in East Asia, Europe and North America continue to expand their operations internationally and are also increasingly off-shoring some of their business processes such as back office support, customer relations and billing, IT and technical support and even research services by opening up their own subsidiaries or representative offices abroad.

Alongside this international expansion is the continuous modernisation of business communication services to integrate workforce mobility through unified communication services and cloud-based or virtualised business solutions. These parallel movements gave rise to the need for a network infrastructure that can accommodate the high capacity and high-speed movement of data both internationally and internally within companies. And indeed, companies today are upgrading their existing network infrastructure for this purpose.

The article looks at these trends for some of the best-in-class providers for managed LAN and WLAN services, namely Atos, BT Global Services, Computacenter, Dimension Data, HP, IBM, Orange Business Services, T-Systems and Verizon Business.

Published: 2013-10-17

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