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TV markets in Eastern Europe: pay TV approaching maturity but IPTV take-up remaining low

Published: 2013-08-30

The article discusses the status of pay TV in selected markets in Eastern Europe. The figures mentioned in this article are based on InfoCom Quarterly Television Monitoring service. As presented, in most countries in Eastern Europe (except Lithuania, Russia and Croatia) alternative television platforms, such as CaTV, IPTV or satellite, account for more than terrestrial TV. The development of the TV markets in Eastern Europe has been very dynamic so that in the span of five years (2007-2012), the average share of terrestrial TV households in the region has gone down from 54% in 1Q07 to 36%. This trend implies that pay TV or subscription-based TV has been an increasingly popular choice among households in Eastern Europe. New market entrants (particularly in the satellite TV market), the launch of IPTV and the DTT transition have all contributed to the accelerated development of the Eastern European pay TV market, i.e. in general, promoted competition resulting in price pressure.

Published: 2013-08-30

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