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Cooperation and partnership in the ITC German market – An analysis

Published: 2013-07-22

In saturated markets, telecommunications providers see themselves confronted with intensifying competition and therefore efficient and optimised business processes become increasingly crucial. In particular new smaller providers may not always be able to cope on their own with the complexity of modern services value chains. In such cases, outsourcing selective tasks or services may provide these players with the possibility of cost and quality optimisation as well as complementing and enhancing their portfolio without relinquishing the complete control on the value chain itself.

But what is the real and current willingness of the market players to outsource services or some specific steps of a service value chain? Which services are preferably awarded to external providers? Which criteria play a role in the decision process of entering into an outsourcing partnership? Which are the requirements and the prerequisites that a potential partner need to fulfil since its performance may determine whether a partnership is doomed to failure or success? These are the questions which InfoCom asked utilities, regional, national and international ca-riers as well as CaTV operators in Germany.

Published: 2013-07-22

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