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Managed UC services: some growth for hosted, but majority still onsite

Published: 2013-04-23


This article looks at managed UC services with the objective of presenting some of the main providers, highlighting their international presence, and indeed stressing the fact that this market is still fairly fragmented, with many so-called local champions. Furthermore, this article presents the key market drivers and obstacles for managed, whether onsite or hosted, UC services, finally providing a forecast for Germany.

There is no standard and exact definition for UC (Unified Communications), however, at the very least UC should include UM (Unified Messaging) combined with real time communication (telephony, conferencing). In a wider definition UC should include all forms of work collaboration (sometimes referred to as UCC: Unified Communications and Collaboration). For marketing reasons nearly all PBX (Private Branch eXchange) or IPT (IP Telephony) solutions have been rebranded as UC solutions, as they always include at least some messaging and collaboration functions in addition to telephony. In this report the term UC is used even if it may refer mainly to a PBX/IPT system, i.e. a solution very much centred on telephony.

Managed UC services definitions

Main players: many local champions

Main UC vendors

Drivers and obstacles: all pros with corresponding cons

Outlook and forecast for Germany

Published: 2013-04-23

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