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Moving into a new battleground: ICT companies gearing up for patent war

Published: 2013-02-08


Patent litigation among ICT companies is not new but it is one of the cards that companies with relatively deep pockets like to play,especially when competition gets tougher. It has been one of the strategies although "companies would understandably not admit it" to at least cripple the competition by, for instance, asking the trade commission or court to ban sales of product where the patent in question is being used. Recently, patent litigations among ICT companies have become more aggressive as ICT giants engage in a spate of lawsuits and countersuits with wireless technologies, mobile devices, and mobile-related services and applications becoming the hotbed of most litigations.

Battle of the giants "if you can't beat them, sue them"

Expand patent portfolio: the best defence is a good offense

Outlook: Joining patent pools may become necessary

Published: 2013-02-08

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