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Broadband for computers: mobile still no substitute for fixed

Published: 2013-01-30


This article looks at fixed and mobile broadband connections for computers (PCs and laptops / tablets). It is expected that xDSL will continue to post declines as other competing fixed broadband and, to a certain extent, mobile broadband technologies provide faster and / or cheaper offers. However, due, for instance, to improvements in the infrastructure (i.e. VDSL) or price policies (i.e. upgrade in speeds without price increase), etc), xDSL will most likely remain for some time to come the most subscribed broadband technology.

Cable modem and FTTx are still expected to sustain their momentum but will be affected by the usually much more limited areas, compared to xDSL, that they can service. In particular cable modem is expected to continue its expansion and has become an alternative to xDSL in many countries due to bundling and faster speeds.

While mobile broadband is expected to grow as well, growth may slow down in the future. Where operators bundle mobile with their fixed broadband offers, then the pace of growth may be affected by the slowdown of fixed broadband subscriber growth, especially in areas of high penetration. On the other hand, standalone prepaid mobile broadband offers may help in subscriber take up since it is economical and the speed is almost the same as with postpaid offers.

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Published: 2013-01-30

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