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Operator profile: Liberty Global builds on multiple–play and content

Published: 2012-11-14


The objectives of this article are to present the organisational profile and market performance of LGI and to analyse the company’s strategies as the largest cable service provider in Europe.

Over the past seven years since LGI was created, it has increased its stake or fully acquired small and large cable service providers in its different markets of interest. On its first year alone, LGI increased its stake in Telenet Belgium from 28.8% to more than 50% in 2006 and acquired smaller companies such as J:COM (Japan) and UPC Austria as well as over 13 other smaller acquisitions. In 2010, LGI completed the acquisition of Unitymedia, the second largest CaTV provider in Germany and also a provider of voice and data services. LGI also acquired Aster, the fourth largest cable operator in Poland. In 2011, LGI made another significant acquisition in Germany – this time Kabel BW, the third largest cable operator in the country.


Business overview and market performance

Telecom services, Satellite services, Content services

Market standing


Published: 2012-11-14

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