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Belgian market: hostage of MTR cuts but growth with mobile broadband

Published: 2012-10-11


Belgium is one of the founding members of the European Union and host to different international organisation such as NATO and EU. It has one of the highest urban ratios (ratio of urban dwellers against total population) in the world with 97.4% (2010) of its inhabitants living in urban communities.

The Belgian telecom market contracted in 2011 by around 1.3% against 2010 to around 7.4bn euros (see Fig. 1). The slight decline can be attributed to the fixed telephony (-1.2%) and mobile segments (-4.5%), brought about by the continued decrease in usage of fixed voice and lower mobile roaming and termination rates. The two segments combined represent nearly 70% of the total revenues in 2011 (see Fig. 2). On the other hand, revenue gains were recorded in Internet and data communications services (3.7%) and CaTV (1.0%) segments, as operators heavily promote product bundling mainly involving broadband services.

Fixed telephony subscriptions slightly increase due to VoIP

Mobile telephony declined further due to MTR cuts

DSL and cable modem competition intensifies while fibre lags behind

IPTV success eats up cable TV share


Published: 2012-10-11

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