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Fixed broadband in Eastern Europe: strong growth over all technologies

Published: 2012-10-04


At the close of 2012, the fixed broadband market in Eastern Europe is expected to reach 46.9 million broadband subscribers, a 13% growth from 2011 and a 24.5% compounded annual average growth from 2007. This article is based on data from InfoCom’s Quarterly Broadband Monitoring Service. By fixed broadband, we mean subscriptions to xDSL, cable modem and FTTH/FTTB services.

The growth for 2012 is propelled by the continuous expansion of xDSL and FTTH/FTTB networks in the region, especially in emerging countries like Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia for xDSL and in Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia for fibre optic. At the end of 2012, average fixed broadband penetration per household for the region is forecasted to be at 35%.

Published: 2012-10-04

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