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Top-10 fixed broadband players: the usual suspects dominate

Published: 2012-08-10


In 1Q12, InfoCom observed that “the usual suspects" dominated the top-10 ranking of the largest broadband players in the world market. The ranking is based on proportionate subscribers for participations below 50%, whereas for participations over 50% all subscribers are counted, from all major subsidiaries and includes both retail and wholesale connections. By fixed broadband, we mean high-speed Internet access using xDSL, cable modem and fibre optics only. All market figures used in this discussion are taken from InfoCom’s Quarterly Broadband Monitoring Service available for over 80 countries worldwide.

Aside form China, major telecom groups based in the advanced markets of Japan, Western Europe and the US dominate the top-10 ranking of largest broadband players in the world. The subscriber bases of the US companies come solely from their domestic operations but the domestic operations of MI&IT, NTT and the Western European companies also contribute significantly to their subscriber base.

Published: 2012-08-10

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