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Top-10 subscription-based TV groups: emerging markets and acquisitions fuel the top performers’ growths

Published: 2012-06-19


In 1Q12, the three largest subscription-based TV groups were all based in the US: DirecTV, Comcast and Liberty Global, parent of the pan-European UPC conglomerate. These groups have managed to keep their positions since 1Q11. The group leader, DirecTV, kept its position thanks to its excellent performance in Brazil. Sky Brazil, a wholly-owned subsidiary, added 1.3m subscribers, a 47% increase between 1Q11 and 1Q12. This contributed to the group’s overall subscriber growth of 11%. On the hand, Comcast experienced a 2% decline (subscriber loss of about 470 000) from 1Q11 to 1Q12. The US, in general, is experiencing a CaTV market contraction due to the strong presence of satellite TV coupled with increasing adoption of IPTV services. Comcast is one of many cable companies experiencing the impact of this industry-wide trend.

Top-3 groups maintain ranks while MI&IT China’s rise creates rank changes among the remaining groups

Groups operating in emerging markets drove significant subscriber growths while some groups turn to M&As

Outlook: imminent M&As expected to create a stir in the top-10 ranking

Published: 2012-06-19

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