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LTE deployment strategies for the enterprise segment

Published: 2012-06-01


This article examines and bechmarks the different strategies used by telecom operators for their business LTE offers. Specifically, the article explores the different entry strategies used by LTE operators to penetrate the enterprise segment in North America, Western Europe and East Asia.

More than 30 countries have already commercially deployed Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology and at least 30 more countries are testing the technology. East Asia, North America and Western Europe led the LTE bandwagon while the emerging markets of Eastern Europe, South America and the rest of Asia are fast catching up, with most operators pledging to launch LTE commercial services by year-end 2012 to early 2013.

Overview: where is LTE now?

Most LTE offers for businesses look to replace 3G and initially target SMBs

Outlook: LTE expected to be integrated into enterprise communications systems

Published: 2012-06-01

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