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Cloud e-health — will it give e-health a boost?

Published: 2012-03-12


This article is based on a report that discusses the emerging trends and business models of e-health services. Specifically, the article focuses on the impact of cloud e-health services to the overall e-health ecosystem.

The article features recent products and services launched in the second half of 2011 and up to February 2012 by cloud e-health players such as e-health service providers, equipment manufacturers and IT companies.

Overview of e-health: definitions and samples of e-health services

Cost and lack of value proposition inhibit e-health’s widespread adoption

Cloud e-health incite collaboration among network operators and e-health players

Cloud enables e-health data management solutions to patients

Outlook: Cloud e-health data storage and management solutions revamp e-health interests while e-health apps stores are expected to attract widespread adoption

Published: 2012-03-12

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