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IPTV changes the TV landscape in Malaysia and Singapore

Published: 2011-09-02


Malaysia and Singapore’s television markets have embraced the free-to-air terrestrial TV service for many years. As seen in Fig. 1 and 2, Malaysia and Singapore’s TV markets are dominated by terrestrial or free-to-air television which held a majority of the markets until 2009 in Malaysia and 2008 in Singapore. In Malaysia, there are around six to eight free-to-air channels owned by either the government or by the private company Media Prima. In Singapore seven terrestrial channels are under the state-owned Mediacorp.

Currently free-to-air terrestrial TV dominates while competition in subscriptionbased TV markets remains low

IPTV: the dark horse in Malaysian and Singaporean TV markets

Outlook: subscription-based TV takes over the TV markets in 2016

Published: 2011-09-02

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