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Fixed voice traffic in Eastern Europe: slower decline foreseen

Published: 2011-08-03


As observed in other regions, the growth of mobile telephony came at the expense of the fixed telephony segment, as subscribers have continued to migrate. However, recent trends suggest that the decline in fixed telephony connection has been slowing down, primarily due to the continuous uptake in VoIP and telephony via fixed wireless access technology in some countries (as in Romania, where the regulator mentioned that 5 out of 6 mobile operators are also offering fixed telephony via FWA).

InfoCom projects that though VoIP and fixed wireless technology can help fixed voice to a slower decline, total fixed traffic volume in general will still remain negative in the coming years as mobile telephony will still remain the preferred medium of voice communication. Total outgoing mobile voice traffic stood at 185.0bn minutes in 2010, whereas fixed voice traffic volume was at 42.5bn during the same period. Mobile subscription is still expected to grow at an annual rate of 3-5% until 2016 in Eastern Europe while fixed telephony connections will decline at about 1% annually between 2011 and 2016.

Total fixed voice traffic volume declining lately at a slower pace

National fixed line calls make up the majority of traffic volume; fixed to mobile calls growing due to competition

Monthly MoU and traffic ARPU trends


Published: 2011-08-03

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