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Top-10 VoIP markets in 2010 – Broadband Internet as key growth driver

Published: 2011-07-04


Total VoIP subscriptions of the top-10 countries breached the 100 million mark at 109.2m at end-2010, representing a double-digit growth rate of 20% from a year ago. The top-10 countries VoIP subscribers represent almost 90% of the total of the 37 countries monitored. The US and Japan occupy the first two spots, as they held 46.4% share of the total VoIP subscriptions in 2010. France came in at third with 10.4%, followed by China, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands and Brazil, each having less than 7% share of the total 37 countries. The decline in the market share of some countries such as Japan and France was primarily due to faster growth in other markets. All of the top-10 markets experienced double-digit growth, ranging from 10%, as in the case of the Netherlands, to as high as 54% in China.

Factors affecting VoIP subscriber growth in the top-10 markets

Active public-private commitments to develop broadband services

Growing VoIP uptake through product bundling

Cheaper connection and calling rates attract subscribers to use VoIP


Published: 2011-07-04

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