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Video-on-demand – finding a successful business model

Published: 2011-03-22


IPTV providers are constantly looking for ways to drive IPTV revenues up – eyeing beyond the revenues generated from the basic entry level packages. VoD is one of the key content that IPTV providers are banking on to increase ARPU (average revenue per user). Since IPTV inception, players have been marketing VoD as one of their differentiating factors over other TV platforms, typically offering VoD as one of the add-on content, sometimes even free-to-try. Nowadays, CaTV and DTH have also joined the VoD bandwagon to level the playing field.

Pay-per-title versus subscription-based pricing model

VoD content pricing strategies

Outlook: IPTV providers still yet to experience the benefit of VoD

Published: 2011-03-22

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