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Telepresence: an alternative to business travels and personal meetings?

Published: 2011-03-03


As telepresence is a word used widely by providers, customers and the press today, the objective of the following article is to give an overview on telepresence solutions, how they can be distinguished from video conferencing, which providers are offering such solutions and how their offers are designed in terms of services and network access. Furthermore, it will give a broad overview on market drivers and market obstacles of telepresence solutions. The focus within this article is set on providers that are active in Western Europe.

Definition: differentiation of video conferencing and telepresence

Providers: large network operators and specialised providers

Offers on a project basis: “Everything is possible"

Market development: market drivers and market obstacles for telepresence

Outlook: developments on the telepresence market

Published: 2011-03-03

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