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China: driven by mobile services and broadband connections

Published: 2011-02-15


In 2015 China should be overall the third largest telecom market in the world, well after the US but quite close to Japan.

In broadband access through 2015, cable modem is seen to increase with the highest CAAGR (6%) among the three broadband access technologies along with the continued increase in CaTV household penetration. Operators will further deploy their DSL infrastructure in the rural areas and, hence, DSL subscriber base is expected to increase at a rate of 5%, followed closely by fibre optic at a rate of 4%.


Early years

Launch of 3G spurs carriers to innovate services

Low broadband Internet ARPU as compared to Rest of Asia

Fixed telephony and CaTV bundled services make for stable revenues


Published: 2011-02-15

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