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Residential fixed mobile convergence: we are not there yet

Published: 2011-02-09

Residential FMC is part of many operators' strategy. Common statements refer to "connected home", "integrated services", "content/Internet everywhere" etc. However, there are in reality few concrete offers so far. Most commercial services are based on product bundling (for instance, offering mobile voice and/or broadband as an option to fixed broadband), whereas few truly convergent concepts made it to the market: e.g. NTT DoCoMo's presence-based service in Japan tonotify parents that their child got home. In addition, convergent services launched in the past such as Orange's dual mode phone service (Unik / Unique / Unico / Unifon depending on the country) have failed in the long run to make consumers really excited about it. Are consumers ready for fixed mobile convergence? Are operators prepared to roll it out and what are their plans?

Published: 2011-02-09

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