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Multiscreen delivery: more than spreading content across devices

Published: 2011-02-07

This article is based on InfoCom’s recent study on IPTV, which provides an overview of the current IPTV strategies of selected IPTV operators. The selected players mentioned in the article are the only significant IPTV providers offering multiscreen services so far. Some other large IPTV players, such as MII China, Deutsche Telekom or Telefonica do not have a multiscreen strategy at this stage.

The IPTV players have been looking at ways to maximise the revenue potential of IPTV and to increase ARPU. Concentrating first on improving subscriber take-up with bundling strategies, they are now focusing on making their IPTV business profitable. These IPTV players have recognised that content plays one of the key roles in achieving a profitable IPTV business – premium content and applications may drive ARPU up as it is paid on top of the basic subscription. These players have now looked beyond TV screens and started to offer their TV content to different devices such as mobile phones, PCs, other portable devices (such as tablets, netbooks, or else MP3 players such as the iPod) and finally fixed line terminals: i.e. a multiscreen delivery strategy.

Published: 2011-02-07

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