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Bundling strategies marketed to create value for customers in Spain and Sweden

Published: 2010-01-12

This article aims to highlight the differences for the broadband market and multiple play services between Spain and Sweden. While these two countries show high broadband penetration, they differ in terms of the take up of multiple play offers. Sweden, which is one of the market leaders for very high speed broadband services in Western Europe, is still primarily a market for standalone broadband offers. On the other hand, the Spanish broadband market is more multiple play-oriented.

Only multiple play offers with a fixed broadband connection are considered. We are also looking at multiple play offers that come in the form of product bundles with discounted tariffs or are designed around a specific home gateway device. Fixed mobile convergent (FMC) services based on dual-mode devices or home zone offers are not included in the discussion.

Published: 2010-01-12

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