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Mobile Western Europe: slow but steady trend towards postpaid

Published: 2010-01-12

This article looks into the structure of the mobile market, in particular the share of prepaid versus postpaid subscribers in a selection of countries in Western Europe, that is, in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK.

Total and postpaid penetration

Fig. 1 shows the 7 countries observed ranked by increasing total population penetration. We can see from this chart that there is no correlation between the proportion of postpaid subscribers and total penetration. For instance Spain has the highest postpaid penetration, at 70%, but only the fifth highest total penetration, at 117%. On the other hand, Italy has by far the lowest postpaid penetration, at 26%, but still the highest overall penetration at 148%. Similarly, although having the second highest postpaid penetration, with 63%, France has by far the lowest overall penetration, at 91%.

Published: 2010-01-12

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