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E-health: potential but searching for a mass-market driving application

Published: 2009-12-03

E-health involves the use of electronic devices and communication-based support to distribute services to healthcare professionals and patients. The term is relatively recent and can encompass a wide range of services covering medicine and healthcare together with information technology and communications. Some of the services, which are included into the current e-health term are:

- Telemedicine/Tele-monitoring: includes all kinds of physical measurements

that do not require a patient to travel to a specialist;

- Electronic /virtual healthcare: the sharing of patient data between different

healthcare professionals (GPs - General Practitioners, specialists, care team,


- m-health: including both the use of mobile devices in transmitting and collecting

patient health data (real-time monitoring of vital signs), direct provision

of care as well as providing healthcare information to practitioners, researchers

and patients;

- Healthcare Information Systems: software solutions for appointment scheduling,

patient data management, work schedule management and other

administrative tasks surrounding health.

In this article, we will illustrate the most advanced e-health applications for consumers. The content is based on a recent larger scale research completed by InfoCom, looking at new business developments and innovative business models in the telecom, IT and media industries. This research is one of a series of 12 monthly topic-focused papers called Innovations Spotlights, presenting strategic assessments of industry innovations.

Published: 2009-12-03

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