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3G users: strong growth at last

Published: 2009-11-20

Note 1: 3G users refer to the number of mobile subscribers with 3G-enabled devices or 3G data cards and USB modems. The 3G standards counted here are CDMA2000, UMTS and TD-SCDMA (in China).

Note 2: In this discussion, the top-5 Western European countries refer to France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom (UK).

The article provides an overview of the 3G market in selected countries as of 2Q09. In the countries evaluated, 3G posted sustained growth in the number of 3G users and 3G users population penetration rates. Since 2007, 3G coverage has increased significantly as mobile operators invested heavily on the improvement of their network infrastructure as well as their services. The range of available 3G devices has also increased strongly while prices have gone down, leading to increased uptake in 3G services in recent years.

Published: 2009-11-20

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