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United Pan-Europe Communications

Published: 2009-03-05

"United and Philips Communications" (UPC) was formed in 1995 between United International Holdings, Inc. (re-named UnitedGlobalCom in 1999) and Philips Electronic N.V.s to combine their cable holdings in twelve European countries and operate as a 50/50 joint venture. In December 1997, United acquired the remaining 50% of the ordinary shares held by Philips and the company was re-named "United Pan-Europe Communications N.V.". Following this acquisition, UPC became a nearly wholly owned subsidiary of United, except for approximately 7% of the stock held by a foundation to support employee stock option plans. In February 1999, UPC went public. Subsequently, United's ownership has reduced to about 53.3% (common class A stock), which are held through United's wholly owned subsidiary United Europe, Inc. As of end-March 2001, Microsoft Corp. has an interest of approximately 6.3% (common class A stock) in UPC.

Published: 2009-03-05

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